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What is Data Appending? How Can It Transform Your Business?

  • Pivot Global Services Data Append combines billions of data points from public records and premium partnerships, including changes of address, landline and mobile phones, email, consumer preferences, dates of birth, etc. This data supplements the information in your database and improves the quality of your data.
  • One third of businesses have lost customers or renewals due to incomplete data.
  • We work with your lists to provide the most powerful and comprehensive solutions for your sales, marketing and reach needs. We offer quality, quantified.
  • Our fastening solutions can improve your contact rate by 20% or more.
  • Reach customers and prospects across multiple channels with phone, email, postal address verification and appends.
  • Get graded phone numbers and improve completion rates.

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    Our Data Appending Services

    Email appending

    The process of matching customer information to a supplier database to obtain email addresses.

    Phone appending

    The process of verifying phone numbers and ensuring a positive response. Mobile and landline numbers are up to date.

    Full contact appending

    This includes verifying and updating your company name, contact name, email address, branch code, SIC code, zip code and other relevant information.

    Social profile appending

    Update your social media customer profile information and help grow your customer base.

    Reverse Email Append

    This service adds more fields to your database including phone numbers, email ids, etc.

    Business URL Appending

    Business URL will be added and aligned properly for your marketing database.

    Benefits of data appending

    Increase the retention of customers

    Directly communicate with your audience.

    Reduce cost per lead by 20%

    Improve lead nurturing with our database.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our data scientists source structure and unstructured data from credible online and offline sources like – government records, company directories, events and fairs, social media profiles, subscriptions, business cards, publications, and many more. The data sourcing process includes both manual intervention and high-tech AI tools.
    We at PivotGlobalServices have designed an elaborate 5-step process to append your database and deliver you a 100% authentic and accurate opt-in contact list. Our data experts begin the process by segmenting the database to identify unresponsive fields. This missing information is later filled using real-time actionable data and further verified manually through tele-verification and email verification succeeding the final delivery.
    Data Appending is one of the four Data Enrichment services offered by PivotGlobalService to deliver an actionable database that gives you maximum benefits.

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